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Oregons #1 Choice

NW Elite Medical Billing is your best choice for full-service medical billing, coding and management services. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in all facets of medical billing using the latest technology and detailed attention to compliance and the regulatory environment. From charge entry to claim submission and collection, NW Elite is your no hassle solution to the complex and often burdensome tasks of the billing process. By partnering with NW Elite, you’re sure to file compliantly, increase efficiency and maintain excellent client-facing relationships during the entirety of the billing and claims process.

At NW Elite Medical Billing we have spared no expense to ensure our staff is prepared to handle any medical billing challenge through technology and education. Connect with us for your consultation to learn what NW Elite Medical Billing can do for you! 


Areas of Service

Medical Billing & Revenue Management

NW Elite Medical Billing specializes in tracking patient care episodes for a host offices across numerous specialties. By partnering with NW Elite, your office is assured complete and accurate Revenue Cycle Management as our staff is well versed and current in all billing codes. We provide services from checking patient's eligibility to prior authorizations and obtaining referrals. We pride ourselves in accurately tracking patients from their appointment to the final payment of their balance.

Claims & Collections

At NW Elite, we understand the importance of timely and accurate claims. It is our goal to make sure the healthcare provider is reimbursed quickly and to ensure that the patient is not left with lingering medical payments. This is achieved through clear communication, training and collecting bills in a timely manner. 



We understand medical contracts and ensure contract compliance, help overcome administrative barriers, and manage revenue streams with excellent relationship management. NW Elite will liaise with payors and communicate rate changes, coordinate with leadership and staff on managed care issues and help to identify operational or financial opportunities while maintaining a customer-focused attitude. 



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