NW Elite Medical Billing
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Areas of Service



  • Cardiology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Urology
  • Neurology
  • Family Practice
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery 
  • Dermatology  
  • Dermatology Surgery
  • And more! 

NW Elite Medical Billing will help advance the state of your business. Our billing specialists will help increase your efficiency and deal with all the complicated aspects of billing for you so you can focus on what is important - your patients.



NW Elite Medical Billing specializes in tracking patient care episodes for host offices across numerous specialties. By partnering with NW Elite, your office is assured complete and accurate Revenue Cycle Management as our staff is well versed and current in all billing codes. All physician fee schedules are updated regularly. We provide services from checking patient's eligibility to prior authorizations and obtaining referrals. We pride ourselves in accurately tracking patients from their appointment to the final payment of their balance.



NW Elite is here to take the stress out of compliance for your office. We place special emphasis on standardized coding in accordance with HIPAA and United States Office of the Inspector General.


coding audits

Coding can be complicated and tedious. Our experienced team of coding experts will identify potential problem areas and make constructive suggestions to correct these problem areas. Our program will enhance your accuracy and aid your compliance. Our review process is both thorough and educational so you will be up to date with the most current billing processes, including specialty cases. 


At NW Elite, we understand the importance of timely and accurate claims. It is our goal to make sure the healthcare provider is reimbursed quickly and to ensure that the patient is not left with lingering medical payments. This is achieved through clear communication, training and collecting bills in a timely manner. 


patient statements & payments

You can rest easy knowing the client-facing tasks associated with Patient Statements & Payments are being handled courteously and professionally by our team at NW Elite. By making payments simple with easy to interoperate statements and efficient delivery, we ensure timely processing and hassle-free management of patient receivables. 


insurance credentialing

Insurance Credentialing is one of the most important practices in today’s insurance climate. Being credentialed can make the difference in client acquisition and client retention. More so, the lack of credentialing can lead to the loss of clients, which means loss of business. NW Elite Medical Billing can help you navigate this process and help you maximize your earning potential. 

Payor relations

We understand medical contracts and ensure contract compliance, help overcome administrative barriers, and manage revenue streams with excellent relationship management. NW Elite will liaise with payors and communicate rate changes, coordinate with leadership and staff on managed care issues and help to identify operational or financial opportunities while maintaining a customer-focused attitude. 


Practice management & EHR Software

If your practice is looking for optimization and adoption of technology by way of electronic business management known as Practice Management and Electronic Health Record (EHR), NW Elite has you covered. Our staff is fluent in all current software and best practices in the daily management of offices and health care records. Leave recordkeeping to us so you can focus on delivering the best in healthcare for your clients. 


Carrier EDI Agreements

NW Elite Medical Billing specializes in drafting and executing Carrier Electronic Data Interchange Agreements which lead to faster billing cycles and ultimately faster collections. Properly implementing EDI agreements can provide your office with better visibility and accuracy when it comes to billing.  Let NW Elite Medical Billing handle your EDI needs for the highest level accuracy.